About Full Spectrum Plumbing

Precision. Integrity. Experience.

We are a plumbing contractor specializing in both residential service and commercial service/construction. Drain cleaning and repair, whole house repipes, gas leaks, new construction, tenant improvements, OSHPD, public works, single family and multi-family housing, commercial and residential remodels are some of services we provide on a daily basis.

Your Plumbing Nightmares = Our dream job

Our Commitment to Clients

We are located in San Bernardino, servicing all of of the Inland Empire. We always strive to present the highest quality of work, but we also complete our projects in a timely fashion and on schedule. Precision and affordability are our top priorities. Our prices are always competitive. Very frequently, customers and companies who have worked with us in the past have become regular clients. Repeat business is the core of our company, so we strive to keep our customers happy. We understand that quick completion and fair cost is important to you, which is why that is our chief concern.

Awesome Facts

First we assume nothing

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Our History

Full Spectrum Plumbing was founded by two business owners that both had the desire to put their exceptional plumbing expertise to use to bring about a quality of service and experience they found lacking in the local market. We desire to innovate in our field, both through uses of up-to-date technology and technique to maximize efficacy, but also to maximize value. Our customers have come to appreciate that approach and we have created many long-lasting and successful relationships.

The FSP Approach

We want to get the job done right, using the right methods and the right tools, to ensure that we dont have several repeat visits to your home. Sometimes things require a quick fix, and after some planning, a more extensive solution may be required, this is where our expert technicians come in. We set up a plan that works for you and your schedule/budget.
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Professional Teamwork

Our tight knit staff has years of experience working together and making sure everything moves smoothly. This allow us to have a succinct and straight forward approach to customer service that our clients seem to love.


Our Strategy

Not every plumbing system is the same. Older homes sometimes have very *unique* plumbing layouts that require specific and unique solutions. Our technicians will diagnose and provide the best solution for your individual case to ensure satisfaction every visit.
We strive to keep ourselves up to date with the latest tools and materials to make our work less expensive and more effective.
The first thought that goes through every customers mind when they have to call a plumber is usually the cost. We know that plumbing costs can be very high so we do our best to value engineer every job to ensure that the price is in a range that our customers can manage. We also provide several financing options to help ease the burden of more expensive repairs.
We not only hire technicians that are proficient plumbers, but we strive to hire plumbers who are happy helping our customers. Positivity and hard work are the best combination to a quick and painless job that will provide exactly what our clients need.
Our clients become repeat customers specifically because of the honesty with which we do business. We will always give you all of the information you need to make the right decision and we will be there to advise each step of the way.
Coming from the commercial plumbing sector, professionalism is the only way to keep a business running. That same professionalism has enabled us to great a thriving business in the new construction and renovation world. Let us bring that level of professionalism to your home today.
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