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Kitchen sinks, both residential and commercial, suffer from stinky, smelly dirty drains. Why is that? Because people generally use the kitchen drains for disposal of organic waste such as fruit and vegetable trimmings, animal grease and fats, milk and juice and even cereals or grains. Combined with a garbage disposal unit, and you have a recipe for one nasty drain mess. If you notice drain flies hovering over the drain in conjunction with the smell, you know you definitely have a problem.

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So, how do you handle a drain cleaning like this? In commercial kitchens, a professional company comes to clean the grease traps using a large hose with a lot of suction, and then flushing the system with hot water. Of course, that only works if grease is the only thing that is flushed down a drain. In residential kitchens, a lot more goes down the drain than people are willing to admit, including some things that should never go down a sink drain to begin with!

Cleaning a residential drain, then, involves a skilled plumber who knows how to clear out all of the nasty stuff you have tried to flush down your kitchen sink. A lot of this organic material tends to collect right behind, in or in front of the trap, and then slowly begins to rot as you pile other stuff on top of it. Drain flies are drawn to the rotting mess, where they mate and lay eggs. As the larvae emerge from the eggs, they feed on the rotting mess in the drain and become adults, which emerge from the drain and fly about your sink area.

To get rid of all of this mess, the plumber you hire will open up the trap underneath the sink. He/she will completely empty and flush out the trap such that you can see straight through it. The other pipes connecting to the trap will be examined for rotting food and grease or fat plaques, and those will be cleared with a thick, bristley brush too. Finally, the plumber puts everything back together, flushes hot water down the pipes to make sure there are no leaks and then turns the water off. As an added measure, bleach is poured into the drain and left to sit for a few minutes. This kills any remaining drain fly larvae and bacteria, while simultaneously sanitizing the drain.

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As for any drain repairs, these often come on the heals of very old drains coming undone from the basins. If the sinks themselves are especially old and worn, your plumber might suggest replacing the sink entirely so that the new drains adhere better to the new surfaces of the new sink. It requires some waterproof plumber’s caulk and a steady hand to get the job done just right. If there is a garbage disposal involved, then the job is much more complicated than you think, and you will most certainly need to hire a plumber.

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