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From backed up and overflowing toilets to showers that do not flow well and sinks that have standing water, plumbing service is a must. You could try to manage this on your own, but the truth is, you may cause more damage in the process, and then you would still need a plumber to fix everything.

For example, let’s say you decide to try and fix your clogged bathroom sink. You probably did not know that using highly corrosive drain clog cleaners can severely damage your pipes, nor is it probable that you are aware of the fact that taking pipes apart does not always lead to the removal of the clog. Sometimes the clog is much farther down than the trap in your sink, and then you have just taken the visible pipes apart for no good reason. What’s more, you have now opened the drain to release all the trapped water that is standing in your sink. If you made the mistake of using a highly corrosive drain clog cleaner, you will end up with this skin-burning irritant all over the floor and under your sink vanity. Imagine what happens when you finally call a plumber and ask him/her to enter this mess to clear the unseen clog and put the pipes back together!

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Instead, call the plumber first. The plumber will send an auger down the drain to locate the clog by sensation, then work the clog out of the drain. The pipes only come apart when the plumber cannot reach the clog by the usual route, which means that the standing water in your sink does not end up on your floor. Avoid using highly corrosive clog clearing cleaners, which can cause serious damage to human skin as well as to your pipes. As the clog is cleared, it will become readily apparent because the standing water will immediately and quickly drain out of your sink.

If the plumber needs to, he/she may enter your crawl space or basement to open the sink pipes from below. Here, he/she will snake the auger through to make sure the clog isn’t down farther than previously thought. If there is no resistance, then the plumber will continue the attack on the clog from the sink drain or just below it until the clog has been fully removed. Likewise, any clogs you experience with tubs, showers and/or toilets will be handled in a similar fashion.

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Our company, Full Spectrum Plumbing, out of Southern California, is a full service plumbing repair company. You can call us anytime, set up an appointment, and we will send a fully licensed and insured plumber to your home. Once there, the plumber will diagnose the problem, search for the cause, and then offer you solutions and an estimate on what it will cost to fix the problem. You may choose to proceed with the service or repair, or get a second opinion from one of our competitors. However, we are confident that you will find our prices and estimates comparable to those of our competitors, and our services equal, if not better than, theirs.

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