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Copper Repipe Services San Bernardino, CA

A full copper repipe is a home maintenance job that plenty of Southern California, California homeowners have gotten familiar with over the years. Southern California has a great many houses that fall in the 8-to-30-year-old age bracket. These homes were originally constructed with galvanized piping, a now-obsolete material that’s entirely too susceptible to rust and corrosion. Roughly 40 percent of the houses in Southern California are stuck with this problem.

Homeowners in Southern California who want the best in copper repipe work know to entrust the job to Full Spectrum Plumbing. Corrosion is a serious problem for Southern California residents with galvanized plumbing. These pipes wear out over time, causing a host of different problems like foul smelling water and leaks. Corrosion can be caused by lots of different environmental factors. Recently in Southern California, significant journalistic attention has been devoted to the fact that local water treatment facilities use chemicals to treat water that can accelerate the corrosion process in the home. These chemicals can produce pinhole leaks or even slab leaks. Research has established that these water treatment chemicals have a deleterious effect on many sorts of galvanized piping.

Copper Re-Piping Services

This local chemical threat is only one of the many causes that can corrode galvanized pipes and lead to premature plumbing failures. In the long run, any homeowner who currently possesses galvanized pipes is going to need to consider a full replacement with PEX or copper in the future.

Pipe corrosion is a problem that can spring from many different causes. However it happens, corrosion is a serious matter. It affects every aspect of the plumbing system, not just the interiors of the pipes themselves. Over time, a corroded plumbing system will lose water pressure. This makes it more difficult to run home appliances (e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, etc.), especially when multiple appliances are operating simultaneously. Reduced pressure also makes temperature fluctuations more likely, increasing the risk of avoidable accidents like shower scalding.

Corroded galvanized pipes are more likely to release unwanted contaminants into your household water. This could result in discolored water and damage to your plumbing fixtures. Contaminated water like this dramatically reduces the efficiency of water filtration systems, causing clogs and wearing out filters. Heavily contaminated water may even become a health risk if it’s used for bathing and cooking. Young children are especially susceptible to health problems caused by contaminated water.

For all of these reasons, Southern California residents who are still using galvanized pipes have ample cause to be concerned. The time to consider a replacement is sooner rather than later. Full Spectrum Plumbing stands ready to help.

How Much Does A Copper Repipe Cost In Southern California?

The overall cost of a repipe job will depend on the specifics of the home being upgraded. Extensive plumbing work like this often gives homeowners an opportunity to make further upgrades, such as replacing fixtures or installing a new tankless water heater. As noted above, water from highly corroded pipes may end up damaging fixtures as well, making their replacement a necessity rather than an option. Corrosion damage doesn’t just make fixtures unattractive; it also damages their internal mechanisms and reduces their effectiveness permanently.

Full Spectrum Plumbing prefers to operate on an optimization basis, bringing your home plumbing system up to the best possible standards. This ensures that you get many years of trouble-free service after your repipe is complete. We generally charge a highly affordable rate that is often just half of what competing local services would charge. You can also rest easy knowing that we fully back all of our repipe work with an extended lifetime warranty.

Full Spectrum Plumbing is an active and trusted service supplier in the Southern California area. The odds are good that a home within your own subdivision has received a Full Spectrum repipe within the last 30 days.

What Other Repiping Options Are There?

Though our copper repipe installations are extremely popular with local homeowners, we offer a full range of quality materials and products. We also handle PEX repiping jobs in Southern California. PEX is a newer, highly reliable material that meets all regulatory requirements for the state of California. PEX is a tremendously versatile form of plumbing that can be used in virtually any piping situation. Examples include outdoor irrigation, under-floor heating, commercial sprinkler systems, and much more! PEX resists pinhole leaks, doesn’t kink or split, and holds up to sub-zero temperatures without weakening in any way.

Whether you choose to use copper or PEX for your repiping, Full Spectrum Plumbing can complete the job rapidly. We’ve concentrated exclusively on repiping work for more than two decades now. This great body of experience is the critical advantage that allows us to work more quickly and affordably than our competitors. In an ordinary San Bernadino home, a full repipe generally takes between two and four working days. This space includes full water line installation and all necessary repairs to your walls. Our master patchers do a superb job of repairing your wall finishes with an eye for detail and a talent for matching the existing surface precisely. We take great pains throughout the repiping process to protect your furnishings, floors, and finishes so that there is no accidental damage or disruption once our work is complete. We consider it part of our job to leave every job site in better condition than we find it, and complete customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Our services have earned us hundreds of favorable reviews, with many homeowners right here in Southern California praising our effectiveness. Throughout our 20 year history, outstanding customer service has been the keystone of our business. It’s no accident that Full Spectrum Plumbing has become one of the most trusted names in the repiping business both in California and throughout the nation.

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