Water Filtration & Purification

Water Filtration Services San Bernardino, CA

There was a time when people laughed at the idea of purchasing water in a bottle. Yet, as our awareness of how the quality of our water affects our health, people have become much less willing to drink water straight from the tap. Many people, who want healthier water to drink and wash with, but who are unwilling to pay the high price of bottled water, have turned to us for solutions for their water quality concerns. There are a few ways that our San Bernardino Plumbers are able to improve the water that you drink at home.

Water Softener Services

We all use water every day for drinking and washing. Unfortunately, San Bernadino’s water is not of the highest quality, which can actually lead to problems for us. Water is very hard in this area, which adversely affects laundering. Fabrics that are washed in hard water wear out much quicker than those that are washed in soft water. There are also higher levels of minerals in hard water, which can clog pipes and reduce the life expectancy of your toilets and faucets, and that of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee makers. Cleaning with soft water is much easier, and saves you a ton of money. We’ll save you time by delivering your water softener supplies, and refilling your system with the needed amount of salt. We’ll also complete a system check-up to ensure your water softener is operating to expectations. If an issue with your system is uncovered, we’re able to service it on the spot to ensure that you have the best experience.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration is very important for avoiding foul odors or taste in your water. Filtration also removes impurities in your water supply that could actually cause harm to your health. Water in California contains chlorine, a known carcinogen which is a cause of dry skin and hair. The federal government has suggested that everyone should have a home filtration system to clean and purify the water that they drink. Installing a filtration system can save you money that you might otherwise have spent on bottled water, as you’ll have source of healthy water available right from your tap. It’s not prudent to take the quality of the water that you drink and clean with for granted. Older municipal water facilities frequently fail to meet federal quality standards. Many distribution facilities also deal with issues related to budget cuts. In the past, well water was considered to be pure, however as we’ve become more aware of how groundwater can become polluted by biological and chemical impurities, we can’t just assume that it is. Many people have become reluctant to drink tap water because of the known risks. One of your options is to purchase bottled water, but there are also some significant disadvantage to it as well. Manufacturing it is hard on the environment, and it adds a considerable amount of waste that gets added to our landfills. It is also quite costly. Our water filtration services provide you and your loved ones with healthy, fresh water that tastes great and poses no health concerns. Our systems remove impurities from your water through the use of several stages of filtration, including reverse osmosis technology, leaving behind only the purest water possible. Don’t take any chances with quality of the water that your family uses. Call us today to begin taking advantage of the services that we can provide.
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